Jack Beaton
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Best-Practice User Experience Design
We have something in common: we both want your software project to succeed.

We want to give you a compelling software design that excites stakeholders and gets them on board. We want to give you speedier, cheaper projects with fewer late change requests.

The more your software can do, the more complicated your software becomes. Without strong design expertise, complicated software is confusing to build and confusing to use. This means extra costs and lower adoption.

We can work together to design your product, using methods applied at Accenture clients across industry. You will have attractive and exciting software with less risk of delays from late changes.

Reach out to learn more. I am just one member of the Accenture User Experience Group. We can help you succeed.

I teach students interface design whenever I can fit it in my schedule.

I recently finished teaching a section at Harvard University. Let me know if you want help with a course or workshop to get your people in tune with user experience design.